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  Last Updated on 01/13/2016 
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How does "Ask Tom" work?



Our Experience

Our experience has shown that your technical and other questions are similar whether you Circle Track Race, Drag Race, Road Race, or Street Performance. If you use performance engines your questions are more common than you may realize. 



Our Objective

Our objective is to bring our customers and the worldwide performance community together for the purpose of asking Tom technical or other questions and allowing performance enthusiast to communicate with each other regardless of their particular performance interest.



We Suggest:

  • You post your open questions in the "Ask Tom" section by e-mailing your question to tom@3vperformance.com.

  • Also post your request within "Ask Tom" if you would like to start corresponding with other performance enthusiasts. Be sure to specify your name and email address. Send to tom@3vperformance.com.


We Promise:

  • Your "Ask Tom" questions will be answered quickly to your e-mail address. Both question and answer may be posted for all to see in "Ask Tom".

  • Once posted, other racers will have the opportunity to answer your question as well. These answers will then be forwarded to your e-mail address.

  • With your permission, your technical comments may appear in our Technical Tips section.


Our Ultimate Goal:

The underlying and fundamental goal is to encourage our customers and the performance enthusiasts cyberspace community to exchange technical and other information through "Ask Tom" and with each other. Everyone benefits by active participation.


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