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In 1960's, Tom Vigue Sr. a United States Navy Air Force Veteran who served during Vietnam, was on leave from California and heading back to family on the East Coast. With less than $500.00 he purchased a 1954 corvette, not liking the car but it was all he could afford and not knowing anything about cars; he began the trip across the United States travelling along legendary Route 66 towards the East Coast.

Photo 1968

During his trek across the United States, the corvette that Tom had just purchased blew a head gasket. With no money and no help, he repaired that car with only tool he had. (an adjustable wrench ) The car started and made it back home and that began to pursue his passion for learning and building performance engines. Tom Sr. built performance engines as a hobby, drag racing weekends all over New England at Sandford Dragway, Winterport Dragway, Oxford Dragway and New England Dragway. While servicing in the military Tom Sr. specialized in jet engine technology and pursued a degree in engineering.

Then there was Tom Jr. in the making.

Photo 1971


Photo 1976

By 1980's, Tom Jr. and Mike both had their driver licenses, first muscle car, and had built their first performance engine. A local sponsorship was acquired and we had a family owned race team. Through-out our teen-age years, we spent weekends and nights working on our cars and drag racing throughout New England.

Photo 1989

In December of 1994, Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. formed a partnership and begun plans for a new 1,800 sq. ft. building were begun.





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