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  Last Updated on 01/13/2016 
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Quality, Reliability, Durability

3V Performance is one of the most recognized High Performance Engine Builders in the Northeast United States for quality, reliability, durability and most technologically advanced high performance racing engines in several categories of motorsports. We offer several engine programs for Circle Track Racing, Drag Racing, Import/Sport Compact Racing, Truck/Tractor Pulls and Street/Strip Performance. Whether it is a hard-core race engine, street/strip performance engine or factory restoration engine, we can meet your needs.

Professional Services

We provide High Performance Engine Building, Dyno Testing, Machine Shop Services, and At the Track Consultation Services. To compliment our services we also carry a full line of aftermarket performance parts and automotive accessories. 

All of our machine work and testing is done in-house on state-of-the-art equipment from trusted names like Sunnen, Superflow, Audie Technology, Kwik-Way, Accu-turn, and Goodson. We maintain manufacturer direct and distributor accounts with several of the largest companies in the Automotive Aftermarket and Performance Racing Industry.

3V Performance is an active member of the  the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) and Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and remain on the cutting edge of manufacturer research and development efforts and the latest innovations in the Automotive Aftermarket and Performance Racing Industry. All of our performance engines are built using the very latest components designed and manufactured using leading edge technology and the latest machining techniques.

Experience + Expertise = KNOWLEDGE

With over 30 years of high performance engine building experience and expertise, the greatest value we provide our customers is knowledge. Our knowledge is much more extensive than basic engine building. In addition to our own engine building "best practices", we have an extensive knowledgebase from our own research and development efforts, at the track testing, and years of valuable customer feedback. With in-house engineering and research & development; 3V Performance is one of the most modern engine builders in the country. 

We evaluate new products and manufacturing claims from an engineering standpoint. We understand a products technical specifications, features, and application. We provide honest and unbiased product evaluations and comparisons. You will get practical advice that you can count on. 

Education and Collaboration

At 3V Performance we develop and maintain a one-on-one relationship with our customers. We encourage an open and collaborative relationship with our customers which provides us valuable feedback on parts and services. The feedback we receive from our customers contributes to our extensive knowledgebase, which ultimately benefits all of our customers.

We educate our customers by allowing them to participate "hands-on" in the engine building and engine tuning process. It is not uncommon for our customers to be involved in building their engines. By allowing our customers to participate in the engine building and engine tuning process, it has resulted in less engine failures and more wins! Our customers are prepared with the necessary information to make "at-the-track" adjustments and changes based on current racing conditions.  


Over the years we have observed a trend in the Aftermarket Performance Parts Industry. We know from years of experience that "bolt-on" performance is a past time. Since the availability of CNC machining, there has been dramatic growth in the number of performance component manufactures. Although this growth has resulted in new innovative products and the most technologically advanced parts ever, it has resulted in a proliferation of options and introduced a high level of complexity to engine building. These once thought of "bolt on" parts don't necessarily bolt together and in some cases result in performance loss or engine failure. 

We have an engine building philosophy similar to that of professional sports team. Team defined in the dictionary is "A group organized to work together". There is no "I" ("bolt-on" component) in the word "TEAM" (engine component combination). A professional sports team is only as good as its coaches (engine builder), the players (components), and their preparation (craftsmanship). Today the difference between winning and losing is the combination of these critical components.   


Visit the "History" page to learn about the history of 3V Performance.


"Engines with an Attitude"
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