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  Last Updated on 01/13/2016 
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Engine Dynamometer and Testing Cell:

Superflow SF-901 Engine Dynamometer

For quality, reliability, and peak performance; 3V Performance has a complete engine dynamometer system and offers trouble-shooting and consultation services. Our engine dynamometer is capable of testing virtually any type of performance engine and is equipped with extensive data collection systems. Our test cell is equipped with the state-of-the-art Superflow 901. The Superflow 901 system provides extremely accurate and repeatable engine testing. The test cell and equipment allow for a variety of test plans to be conducted, including single component short-term tests and endurance testing of complete engine systems.


  • Run up to 2,000 Horsepower on our fully computerized dynamometer.

  • Test naturally aspirated, Nitrous assisted, Supercharged, and Turbocharged engines.

  • Full day and half day testing services available.

  • Expert dynamometer trouble-shooting and consultation available.


Flowbench Testing Equipment:

Superflow SF-600 Flowbench




The world's most popular flowbench for professional engine builders, the SF-600s' superior range and accuracy allow you to test any cylinder head, intake manifold, throttle body, air cleaner, or muffler as assemblies or separate units.


  • Bidirectional flow for intake and exhaust tests.

  • Flows a maximum of 600 cfm (280 l/s).

  • Optional second 48" (120 cm) manometer allows you to perform carburetor-signal or velocity-probe tests

  • FlowCom� flow computer for faster, easier, more accurate tests .

  • Digital readouts for corrected flow, test pressure, velocity probe, and swirl meter in English or Metric units .

  • Automatically regulates test pressure with optional motor controller.

Machining Equipment

Precision machine work can only be achieved with the industries best machining equipment. All of our machine work and testing is done in-house on state-of-the-art equipment from trusted names like Sunnen, Kwik-Way, Accu-Turn and Goodson.


Cylinder Head Reconditioning:

Sunnen VGS-20 Valve Guide And Seat Machine

The Sunnen VGS-20 is built to handle everything from karts to Winston Cup race engines. It's built with all the features and benefits that assure the best valve seat concentricity of any machine. Optimum speeds mean no chatter and assure superior finishes and geometry, turning out top-quality work, every time. 

The Sunnen VGS-20 is a cylinder head machine provides complete valve guide and valve seat machining. The VGS-20 is capable of reconditioning cylinder heads to factory tolerances as well as custom machining for high performance engines. 


  • Simultaneous multi-angle cutting of valve seats.
  • Precision installation of valve guide inserts.
  • Spot facing of valve guides and bosses.
  • Cuts valve insert pockets - aluminum or cast iron.
  • Drilling and tapping for threaded studs or removal of broken exhaust studs.
  • Bronze guide liner installation and reaming.

Valve Reconditioning Equipment:

KWIK-WAY SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer

The KWICK-WAY SVS II Deluxe Valve Refacer has all the features and benefits that assure the best valve concentricity of any machine. Optimum speeds mean no chatter and assure superior finishes and geometry, turning out top-quality work, every time. 


  • KWIK-WAY's precision 6-ball chuck for fast, accurate centering of your valves - no collets to change.

  • Standard 4mm to 14.3mm chuck capacity.

  • Variable speed chuck to match the proper speed needed to grind today's variety of valve materials.

  • Rocker arm grinding attachment included.

  • .0005 accuracy for standard chuck.

  • .0002 accuracy for high-performance chuck - The Industry's Best.


Main Cap Reconditioning:

Sunnen CRG-780 Cap and Rod Reconditioning Machine

The Sunnen CRG-780 Cap and Rod Grinder handles main bearing caps and connecting rods. It cuts connecting rod parting faces square and straight - just like new. 

The CRG-780 first grinds a reference surface, square to the parting face of the main bearing cap. The parting face is then ground from this square, accurate reference surface. The original relationship between parting face and bore wall is maintained. Grinding the parting surface of the main bearing caps leaves all the main bearing bores "undersize" when caps are bolted back in place. The main bearing bores are then line honed. This process results in factory accuracy assuring proper crankshaft support and lubrication.

  • Hardened steel face plate and locating pin assures top accuracy.
  • Grinding wheel feeds in .001" increments for precision sizing. 

Connecting Rod Reconditioning:

Sunnen LLB-1660 Connecting Rod Reconditioning Machine

The Sunnen LBB-1660 provides precision rod reconditioning and pin fitting. The LBB-1660 Rod Reconditioning System includes honing machine, gage, cap and rod grinder, and tooling. This Sunnen method is preferred all over the world. In addition to rod reconditioning, it does King Pins, air compressors, and small bore engines like those used on motorcycles, boats, and lawn mowers. 

  • Produces a round and straight honed bore, in all respects equal to or better than manufacturers' new rods.

  • Honing units for complete rod reconditioning diameter range of 1.450" to 4.700" (36.9-119.4 mm).

  • Ensures top pin fitting precision.

Bore Gage Equipment:

Sunnen PG Bore Gages

Sunnen Dial Bore Gages are fast, easy and accurate. All Sunnen Dial Bore Gages read out 0,002 mm (.0001 inch) and feature all-carbide gaging points, wear-proof ball crank, and adjustable centralizers. Each gage comes packed in its own sturdy box with all tools and wrenches required for setup and adjustment.



Cleaning Equipment:

Accu-Turn Spray Washer/Hot Tank

The Accu-Turn Spray Washer/Hot Tank are two cleaning systems in one. First, there's the fully enclosed, jet-spray cleaning cabinet where 75 gallons per minute of cleaning solution blasts away oil, grease and grime. Second there's a large capacity, agitating soak tank where tough-to-clean parts can be held in a circulating bath of hot cleaning solution. The Acc-Turn thermal cleaning system and spray washer is essential to getting parts ready for final assembly.

  • Thermal solution technology removes oil, grease, and grime without pitting or damaging machine surfaces.

  • 360° rotating turntable ensures complete cleaning.


Visit the  "Machine Shop Services" page for information about machine shop services we provide.


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