3V Performance is equipped with the most precise equipment in the industry. This equipment, coupled with our extremely knowledgeable team, allows us to offer you an array of services. Listed below is our menu of services, along with pricing.

Cylinder Head Services

Strip & Clean Heads

Clean Heads Blast (Valves, ets.)

Valve Job (Stock)

Valve Job (3 angle)

Valve Job (more than 3, competition)

Surface Deck (min to clean up)

Surface Deck (up to .040)

Surface Deck (more than .040)

Correction cut intake face

Machine & replace guides

Hone (guides for guide clearance)

Assemble heads (set spring heights)

CNC port heads

Install cust front drive assembly

Hand blend valve job to bowl and chamber

Flow bench work

Engine dyno

Engine Block Services

Disassemble engine and clean

Clean/prep block final for assembly

Bore & hone

Hone only (deglaze)

Torque plate (add)

Align hone mains

Align bore main caps

Square decks

Grind ring end gaps

Pin fit piston pins

Size rod ( BE and SE oil clearance )

Mount rods on pistons

Install cam brgs

Balance crankshaft ( plus mallory )

Machine rods and main journals

Assemble short block (minus cam, oil pan, & front cover)

Add for billet mains

Install and degree camshaft

Install heads and valve train

Install acc (pan, front, etc.)

Camshaft Analysis


Dyno Testing

$950.00 a day, plus consumables

Spintron Testing

$1,500.00 a day, plus consumables