3V Performance 388 Boost Ready 1800WHP Short Block

SKU: 3VP-388BLS-107

 Dart LSN Iron Pro Block, Carrillo with hoops  

31867112 Dart LSN SHP PRO Block
9-34636226125-8 Dart 8ccw crank
WIS LS6125-927

Wiseco - Boost Line Series Connecting Rods
Chevy LS / LT1 Gen III / IV / V
6.125" Length, 7/16" Bolts 927" Pin

WIS-12804 3V Boost piston
MS-2199HXK / CB-663HNK Clev 77 Coated bearings
32000018 Dart block kit ( cam bearings, freeze plugs, dowl kit )
10296 Melling 10296 - Melling Performance Oil Pumps

58t reluctor

21150 Moroso Street/Strip Oil Pan; Aluminum, Natural, 6qt
12639250 Rear Main Seal Housing, Aluminum, Natural, Chevy, Small Block LS
12633906 Timing Cover, One-piece, Aluminum, Natural, Chevy, 2005+ Gen. 4 LS
32000120F Dart Windage Tray Installation Kits & Components
860 Harmonic Balancer, SFI 18.1 Rating, Internal Balance, 7.25 in. Diameter, 6-Rib Serpentine, Aluminum/Steel, Natural
3VP-LSTP 3V Performance; LS; Billet Aluminum Timing Pointer 
3VP-9256-4145-050 3V Performance Custom Flatout; LS; 4.145 Bore; 0.050 Thick; Copper; Head Gasket Pair
custom 3V Performance Custom boost cam; Single 78mm-88mm
CS-1190 Rollmaster Red Series; LS; Single Roller; 3-Bolt; 4X Cam Sensor; Billet Timing Chain Set
134-1003 ARP LS1 Chevy Cam Bolt Kit
2116LSR Johnson Lifters; Chevrolet; Gen III/IV LS; Vertical Link Bar; Reduced Travel; Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Hoop machine work
Machine work and labor