3V Performance 427 "1600 proof " 1600 rwhp

$29,500.00 $35,900.00
SKU: 3VP-4271600

One of our very popular 427ci "1600 proof "  package. 

 " you want to be fast like me you got to buy 3V "


Dart 31867212 - Dart LS Next Pro Cast Iron Bare Block

3V " 427 1600 " boost Camshaft

Dart; LS; 4.000" Stroke; 2.559" Main; 2.100" Rod Journal; 8 Counterweight; 4340 Billet Steel; Crankshaft   

Callies Ultra connecting rods; Connecting Rods, Ultra, I-beam, Forged 4330 Steel, 6.125 in. Length, Floating, Chevy, Small Block

3VP Boost; LS; 4.125" Bore; 4.000" Stroke; 6.125" Rod; 1.120" Compression Height; 2618 Aluminum; 12° Heads; Pistons

Long block with all machine work ( CNC bore and torque plate hone, hone lifter bores, stroker clearance for 4" stroke crank, align hone mains, square decks, fit ring gaps, balance crank, ) plus complete engine assembly ready for dyno.

Dart LS7 CNC ported heads with. 3VPM dual spring kit

3V Performance Custom Flatout; LS; Copper; Head Gaskets

Alan Johnson AJPE Jr Hoop Stainless Fire Ring

Clevite H-Series Main Bearings

Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings

Melling High Volume/High Pressure Oil Pump 

Rollmaster Red Series; LS; Single Roller; 3-Bolt; 4X Cam Sensor; Billet Timing Chain Set 

Johnson Lifters 2116LSR; Chevrolet; Gen III/IV LS; Vertical Link Bar; Reduced Travel; Hydraulic Roller Lifters

3V Trend 3/8 X 8.175 X .135 pushrods

3V Billet LS Valley Cover With Black Finish, Fits LS2/LS3/LS7/LSX

Chevrolet Performance LS Rocker Arms w/ CHE TRUNNIONS

ARP Pro Series Rocker Arm Studs 

Moroso Street/Strip Oil Pans Moroso 
Oil Pan, Street/Strip, Wet Sump, Stroker Clearanced, 4.250 in. Max Stroke, 7 Qt. Capacity, 6 in. Depth, Steel, Clear Zinc, Chevy, Small Block, Each


Innovators West harmonic balancer, SFI 18.1 Rating, Internal Balance, 7.25 in. Diameter, 6-Rib Serpentine, Aluminum/Steel, Natural, Chevrolet, LS Engine