3V Performance 427ci LSA KONG 2650

$39,895.00 $44,000.00

Tired of those pesky Ford and Mopar guys?   

Time to put some " ATTITUDE " under the hood 



Dart 31867211 - Dart LS Next Cast Iron Bare Block

3V LSA Stage 4 LSA/LS9 Supercharged Camshaft

Dart; LS; 4.000 " Stroke; 2.559" Main; 2.100" Rod Journal; 8 Counterweight; 4340 Billet Steel; Crankshaft 

PWR ADR PLUS; LS; 6.125" Length; 0.927" Pin; H-Beam; 4340 Steel; Connecting Rods

Long block with all machine work ( CNC bore and torque plate hone, hone lifter bores, stroker clearance for 4" stroke crank, align hone mains, square decks, fit ring gaps, balance crank, ) plus complete engine assembly ready for dyno.

Complete CNC ported heads Liberty. Liberty REV valves. 3VPP-5131 DUAL SPRING KIT - .650-.690" LIFT

Clevite H-Series Main Bearings

Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings

Melling High Volume/High Pressure Oil Pump 

Rollmaster Red Series; LS; Single Roller; 3-Bolt; 4X Cam Sensor; Billet Timing Chain Set 

JOHNSON LIFTER SET - LS - RACE - DROP-IN - 2110R; Reduced Travel; Hydraulic Roller Lifters

3V Trend Performance; 8.100" Length; 5/16" Diameter; 0.080" Wall; Set of 8 Pushrods T8100805

3V Billet LS Valley Cover With Black Finish, Fits LS2/LS3/LS7/LSX

Chevrolet Performance LS Rocker Arms w/ CHE TRUNNIONS

ARP Pro Series Rocker Arm Studs 

Moroso Street/Strip Oil Pans Moroso 
Oil Pan, Street/Strip, Wet Sump, Stroker Clearanced, 4.250 in. Max Stroke, 7 Qt. Capacity, 6 in. Depth, Steel, Clear Zinc, Chevy, Small Block, Each


Kong Performance LSA TVS2650 blower, 12rib American racing solutions idler, Dedicated motorsports 8.95 lower pulley, Griptec 3.0 upper pulley, ZL1 water pump, Gates K120732HD belt, Aero Flow fuel rales, lid with welded brick.

ATI Super Damper 6.2L LSA CTS-V & ZL1, Does Not Include S/C Pulley

Does NOT include but recommend Nick Williams made 112mm ( or larger ) throttle body for Gen 4 LS vehicles with modified inlet. This is a billet 5 axis CNC milled aluminum throttle body with GM electronics and includes a 112mm...